President’s Message
Greetings to my fellow ASCE Minnesota members! It is
the start of a new year for ASCE Minnesota, and ASCE has
been in the news already. If you missed the news, ASCE
Minnesota released its rst Infrastructure report card for the
state of Minnesota. I would like to thank the volunteers on
the Report Card Committee for their hard work over the last
18 months. Without them we would not be able to publish
Minnesota’s rst ever Infrastructure Report Card. The report
card can be found at
The release of the report card is just the beginning of the conversation about
infrastructure in Minnesota. We need your help getting the Report Card in the hands
of elected ofcials at both the state and local level and the citizens of Minnesota.
You can do this in many ways: by sharing the website above or by requesting
physical copies of the brochure from The report card is
meant to be an advocacy
document that is written
for people with limited
knowledge and interest of
infrastructure. Please share
the report card with that
relative of yours that might
t that description.
On a general Minnesota
Section note, I am very
excited to be the section
president in the upcoming
year. I think that we
have a dedicated group
of volunteers on our section board that are looking to expand the
programs the section does. That is where you can help. We are in
need of a History and Heritage chair. The History and Heritage committee is a great way to get involved. Please email Lisa
Breu at if you want to learn more. We are always looking for new faces and ideas, so please email me
at if your interests are outside of the History and Heritage committee.
Lastly, I would like to thank Michelle Williams for her many years on the board and for running for secretary. When the
board positions were changed a few years ago, the succession plans created a potential for a contested election for secretary;
this was our rst contested secretary election. The vote was close and Andy Nordseth was elected as the new secretary. Thank
you to all who voted. This is also a reminder to get out and vote on November 6!
Jason Staebell, P.E.
Minnesota Section President
Volume 53, No. 1
Fall 2018
n e w s
Upcoming Events
Thursday, November 15. Section Meeting. Minnesota State - Mankato.
Friday, December 14. Section Meeting. Hosted by the Transportation Committee. “Rethinking I-94.”
Minnesota Section ASCE
Board of Directors
Jason Staebell, PE
First Past President
Bruce Holdhusen, PE
President Elect
Dr. Jia-Liang Le, PE, PhD
Tim Lamkin, PE
Andrew Nordseth, PE
Director of Awards
Hannah Albertus Benham, PE
Director of Communications
Ariel Christenson, PE
Director of Events
Jeremy Walgrave, PE
Director of Outreach
Lisa Breu, PE
Jason Staebell
Mentoring Opportunities
The Shakopee High School ACE (Architecture, Construction and Engineering) Club is in need of a mentor. ACE mentors
spend 2 hours every other week from October to May engaging with students and helping to lead activities. Sessions
are geared at introducing students to the AEC industry and design and construction as well as giving them advice for
college. ACE teams are also invited to participate in The Construction Industry Round Table design challenges for the
2019 competition which involves design and construction of a playground or playscape, alleviating urban transportation
congestion, or the design and construction of a community health clinic. If you are interested in mentoring, please email and we will put you in touch with the Shakopee ACE club president.
It's Future City season again. This year teams of middle school students will be designing a resilient power grid for their
future city that can withstand and quickly recover from the impacts of a natural disaster. The Minnesota regional competition
will be held on Sat January 19, 2019 at Dakota County Technical College - Rosemount. Teams write a narrative on their city,
build a scale city model, and put together a presentation with the help of their teacher and an engineer mentor. To enroll as a
mentor, ll out the form at
ASCE Minnesota Members Respond to 2018 Online Questionnaire
A survey from the Section Board of Directors last winter asked Minnesota ASCE members what we are doing well and what
we can do better for our membership. The survey garnered only 88 responses, out of over 1,300 members, but the comments
received were informative. The survey was intended to be quick and easy, and the questions were mostly related to activities
that are sponsored by the Section Board of Directors. The quantitative results are provided in the summary table below. We
will plan to do another survey in the near future using a different set of questions.
Top reasons given for being an ASCE member (Question #11):
o Networking
o Professional development opportunities (PDHs and free recorded webinars for license renewal)
o Staying connected with the profession and supporting the profession
o Employers expect us to be active in organizations / it looks good on my resume
o ASCE publications and benets such as insurance were valuable to many
o A few mentioned leadership opportunities and enjoying participation in the Younger Member Group or Student Chapters
There were quite a few comments about monthly section meetings (Question #12):
o Some say they prefer lunch meetings, some prefer evening meetings (inconclusive)
o Meeting locations are not always convenient
o Event cost seems high (Board note: the member price is always below actual cost)
o Limited opportunities outside the Metro area (one meeting per year in Mankato)
o Difcult to keep older members involved
o More events needed for water resources and non-bridge structures
The entire survey results and all comments can be found at this link:
2018 Survey Summary (5 = very satised; 1 = very dissatised) 88 responses Mean
#1: I am satised with opportunities to learn from ASCE 3.7
#2: I am satised with the monthly lunch or dinner meetings ASCE MN holds 3.3
#3: I am satised with ASCE opportunities for earning PDHs 3.7
#4: ASCE provides me with valuable resources to excel in my career 3.4
#5: I am satised with ASCE networking activities 3.4
#6: I am satised with what ASCE gives back to the community 3.6
#7: I feel well informed about important decisions made within ASCE 3.4
#8: I have visited the ASCE MN website in the last 12 months 80% yes
#9: ASCE MN sends the right amount of emails to communicate effectively 3.3
#10: Do you read the ASCE MN newsletter? 93% yes
#11: What is the top reason you maintain your membership in ASCE? -
#12: Please add any other comments, especially if there is anything you would change about ASCE. -
Election Results
Congratulations to all of our new ofcers for 2018-2019! Thank you to everyone who voted in this year’s election, and
special thanks to Michelle Williams for her service on the section board over the past years.
Name Position
Board of Directors
Bruce Holdhusen Past President
Jason Staebell President
Jia-Liang Le President Elect
Andrew Nordseth Secretary
Tim Lamkin Treasurer
Lisa Breu Director of Outreach
Jeremy Walgrave Director of Events
Ariel Christenson Director of Communications
Hannah Albertus Benham Director of Awards
Younger Member Group
Cody Preisler President
Alysa Johnson Past President
Rajan Jha Vice President
Jeff Prasch Treasurer
Katie Zadrozny Secretary
Brandon Brever Media Chair
Frank Forsberg Awards Chair
Marie DesHarnais & Ben Albrecht Education & Outreach Chair
Matthew Hardegger & Tyler Reich Networking Chair
ASCE MN September Section Meeting
The ASCE Minnesota September Section meeting was a joint meeting with the Minnesota Structural Engineers Association–
Younger Members Group and included a presentation and tour of the new Silver Ramp at the Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP)
airport. The Silver Ramp is currently under construction. When the Silver Ramp is completed, it will provide 5,000 new
parking spaces at MSP.
Engineers from Kimley-Horn and PCL started the meeting with a presentation, which covered design aspects, how the project
was procured, and construction logistics. The design and construction of the project is particularly challenging due to the
limited ground space as well as vertical constraints as a result of being at the airport.
Following the presentation, the group toured the parking structure and then nished up with happy hour at the newly opened
Intercontinental Hotel at MSP.
Committee Updates
Construction Committee
This committee coordinates construction tours throughout the year, typically in September. Anyone interested in being
added to our email list and/or helping to coordinate future construction tours can contact Mark Snyder at Mark.Snyder@
Environmental Engineering & Water Resources Committee
Anyone interested in being added to our email list can contact Brett Staeden at
Geotechnical Committee (Minnesota Geotechnical Society)
MGS holds monthly meetings from October through May. To nd out more or get involved, visit www. or contact Joe Bentler at
History & Heritage Committee
If anyone is interested in chairing this committee, please contact Lisa Breu at
The committee’s mission is to understand and communicate to the section our civil engineering heritage and history. Past
activities have been articles for the newsletter, preparation of ASCE Historic Landmark designation applications, and
calendars highlighting Minnesota Historic Projects. Here are links to a couple documents: The Centennial Timeline and
Centennial Booklet.
Legislative Committee
If you are interested in getting involved in Legislative Committee and/or participating in future ASCE Fly-ins, contact Seth
Spychala ( of the Legislative Committee for more details.
Structural Committee/SEI Chapter
Please contact Daniel Baxter ( for more information or to be added to the Structure Committee’s
mailing list. The committee also has monthly breakfast meetings, and as always, practitioners as well as students are welcome
to attend.
Report Card Committee
The rst report card on Minnesota’s infrastructure was released to the public on October 9! The full press release from the
State Capitol can be found at
Transportation Committee
The Transportation Committee meets for lunch on the second Friday of every other month (through the winter). We look
forward to seeing you there. If you would like to be added to the email list for Transportation Committee events, please
contact Kevin Peterson at You can also check out the calendar on our website (http://www. for upcoming events.
Outreach Committee
We are excited for two upcoming events: Shakopee High School Ace Club and Future Cities Competition. See the Mentoring
Opportunities article on page 2 or contact Lisa Breu at for more information.
Younger Member Group
The ASCE MN Younger Member Group (YMG) is open to ASCE members
age 35 and under. Our goals are to provide opportunities to make connections
in the civil engineering profession, grow your careers, and develop leaders
in the communities where we live and work through events tailored to young
professionals. Whether you’re new to the area or have been practicing in the Twin
Cities for years, all are welcome at our events.
We hope to see you, your coworkers, signicant others, friends, etc. at all of
our upcoming YMG Events! If you’ve never been to a YMG event and you are
looking for more motivation to attend, mention this article and your registration
for the next event is on us! (Please email to redeem your free
This Fall the Younger Members Group
had several events: Friday After College,
our annual BBQ and Food Drive, and
Engineer Your Career. On July 13,
both YMG professionals and students
attended Friday After College, a fun
social and light rail tour including some
brewery stops along the way. This is
always a well-attended event and one of our favorites to plan! The annual BBQ,
although cold, was a great success.
On September 29, professionals and
students attended and raised $50 and
donated 56 pounds of food for the
local ICA Food Shelf. Thank you
for your generosity! On October 2,
Engineer Your Career was hosted
at the UofM where students had the
opportunity to practice their
interview and career fair skills
prior to their Career Fair on
October 9. Good luck students
on your job search!
Upcoming Events
Early November (5:00-8:00 PM); Location TBD
Join the ACEC Emerging Leaders and the ASCE YMG for an evening of bowling and food! Location is yet to be determined
and there may be a fee for all attendees which covers the cost of bowling and food. An invite will be sent soon!
PE Exam Info Session
Early December (5:00pm-8:00pm)
Summit Brewing Company, 910 Montreal Circle, St. Paul, MN 55102
Join us for an informal session to learn about the Civil PE Exam from YMs who have recently taken the exam. Helpful hints
about registration, preparation, and test taking will be provided. There will be a presentation followed by an open forum,
so please bring any and all questions you have. The event is free for all ASCE members, with a $5 entrance fee for non-
members. Food will be provided. Contact with questions.
Future City Competition
Saturday, January 19 (8:00am-12:00pm)
Dakota County Technical College, 1300 145th St E, Rosemount, MN 55068
ASCE YMG is looking for volunteers to help judge the 2018 Future City Competition – a “project-based learning program
where students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades imagine, research, design, and build cities of the future.” This years theme is
Powering Our Future where students are asked to design a resilient power grid that can withstand and quickly recover from
the impacts of natural disaster. Please contact if you are interested in volunteering.
YMG Board
Cody Preisler
Alysa Johnson
Vice President
Rajan Jha
Jeff Prasch
Katie Zadrozny
Media Chair
Brandon Brever
Frank Forsberg
Networking Chairs
Matthew Hardegger & Tyler Reich
Education & Outreach Chair
Marie DesHarnais & Ben Albrecht
The Minnesota Section ASCEnews is published four times a year by the Minnesota
Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers.
Ariel Christenson, Editor Teresa Kes, Assistant Editor
Student Chapters
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Greetings from the ASCE Student Chapter UMN-TC.
The Steel Bridge and Concrete Canoe teams are well underway with construction. Canoe has poured their canoe and is now
in the process of building cross members. Steel Bridge has been hard at work nalizing the fabrication of their member
connections and will soon being nal assembly and practice before next month’s competition.
University of St. Thomas
Hosted two group meetings so far this year with speakers from Minnesota Geotechnical Society and Burns and McDonnell
Submitted application to become an ofcial university organization and an ofcial ASCE chapter after the mandatory
waiting period
Minnesota State University - Mankato
Some of the current objectives of the ASCE chapter at Minnesota State, Mankato are to increase community between civil
engineers, get freshmen involved, and to increase the public exposure of the program. This semester has run very smoothly
for ASCE, with great turnout to our events. Our annual golf tournament fundraiser had 17 students and 22 professionals
attending, raising over $4000. We hosted a eld trip looking at three active construction sites in downtown Mankato through
ISG and over 50 students attended. We have also been a part of events to increase the visibility of the club and the program.
Events like the Involvement Fair, which allows current students to see what clubs are about, and Recharge Mankato, which
showcases the university’s renewable energy projects, give ASCE great opportunities to stand out. Coming up in the semester
is our Adopt-A-Highway and softball event, a great social event that we look forward to every semester, and the November
state section dinner, a great event and showcase for the ASCE chapter at MNSU.
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